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Semantic Annotation & Similar Content Discovery.

Denote extracts meaninful information from your text.

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Semantic Disambiguation

Denote extracts meanings based on the context of your documents.

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Core Features Core features included in all plans.

  • Feature 1

    Cloud Based

    inextweb services are scaled in the cloud. No matter how complex the calculations for your queries are, we are capable of doing it in a fraction of time.

  • Feature 2

    Fast Response

    We work very hard to make sure that your queries are processed as fast as possible so you can integrate our API into your real time apps.

  • Feature 3

    Customizable Settings

    inextweb's APIs are designed in a way to be customizable. You can turn on/off certain features as well as customize processing variables that suites your needs.

  • Feature 4

    Detailed Analysis

    Our state of the art dashboard style analysis lets you view detailed information on your queries, usage and pretty much every other task your app engages with our API.

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